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My Story

Six years ago, I had been working as an environmental engineer for about 25 years, was in a senior position managing a team of seventeen staff.  Tight deadlines, long days, stressful situations were the norm.  I started experiencing some very concerning symptoms:  headaches, migraines, jaw clicking, ear pain, memory loss, digestive issues including food sensitivities, and joint pain.  A myriad of symptoms that were difficult to diagnose.  Then I started to shake or probably better described as “vibrate”, like I was buzzing or zapped.I called it “nervous system overdrive” for lack of understanding what exactly it was.  The pain was so severe that I had to go on medical leave.  During those seven months off, I was determined to manage my symptoms and figure out the root cause of my problem.

After many blood tests, scans of my head and abdomen, everything was “normal”. Really? I knew what I had was not normal.  I went from doctor to doctor to chirodontist to TMJ physiotherapist to dentist to acupuncturist, cranial-sacral therapy to alleviate the head pain, the list goes on and the bank account was severely drained by then.  I could not continue to spend so much money.  I was planning to retire soon so I knew I had to figure this out.

I had no choice but to turn to self-care

Here’s where I turned to self-care. I knew I was on my own to figure this out.  I remembered buying a kit of Doterra essential oils a few years back but I hadn’t really used them.  I pulled them out and started doing my research on essential oils.  I came across the Doterra Lifelong Vitality Pack, a set of supplements that I thought may be of help to me.  That’s when things started to change.  Two weeks after starting the supplements, a lot of my symptoms subsided but what also surprised me was that these supplements made two other incredible changes for me:  I was now sleeping through the night, something I hadn’t done for as long as I can remember AND I was no longer tired in the afternoon.  I had energy all day and into the evening until bedtime.  Once again, this is something I hadn’t had in years.

HERE I AM MANY MONTHS LATER with a larger set of essential oils, essential oil training, some experimentation, and I now address a majority of my health issues with Doterra products.